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WE TURN ANY ORGANIC WASTE INTO ORGANIC FERTILIZER technology provides opportunity to create high quality organic fertilizer from any available organic raw materials including organic agricultural waste, algae, sapropel, peat, brown coal, etc. 


Action plan for organic production in the EU

A sustainable food system is at the heart of the European Green Deal. Under the Green Deal’s farm to fork strategy, the European Commission has set a target of ‘at least 25% of the EU’s agricultural land under organic farming and a significant increase in organic aquaculture by 2030’.

To achieve this target and to help the organics sector reach its full potential, the Commission is putting forward an action plan for organic production in the EU.

OUR OFFER provides technological equipment for processing of organic waste from industrial processes and production of high-quality organic fertilizers - potassium humates, which can completely replace chemical fertilizers.


Usage of highly effective humate fertilizers can significantly increase yields and quality of agricultural products. 


Flexibility of technology allows you to quickly reconfigure production from products for agriculture to industrial and medical products.

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The long-acting humate-containing fertilizers have the following advantages:

  • deoxidize soils;

  • are not washed away and not weathered from the soil;

  • bind the products of man-made pollution: compounds of mercury, lead, pesticides, radionuclides, etc. and prevent their entry from the soil into the plant, thereby ensuring the environmental friendliness of products;

  • yield increases to 30%;

  • increase the digestibility of nutrients by plants by 30-50%;

  • increase frost resistance and drought resistance;

  • stimulate the development of all soil microorganisms, which contributes to the intensive recovery of humus;

  • potassium humate works as a chelator, which increases the efficiency of plant absorption of minerals and trace elements at the cellular level;

  • increase plant resistance to disease;

  • improve the quality of grown products, under their influence in plants increases the content of vitamins, protein, starch, gluten, nucleic acids and sugar;

  • able to restore the fertility of poor, depleted soils;

  • have a prolonged effect.


Every soil is different. Every crop is different.

Many years of experience and scientific and practical research have allowed us to produce unique products that work effectively on different soils and are used for growing various crops - cereals, oilseeds, legumes, fruits, vegetables, flowering plants, etc.

We offer a service of tailoring composition of potassion humate fertilizers using various micro and macronutrients in combination with NPK fertilizers of various formulas and ASD (nitrogen-sulfur fertilizer).

After many years of research we have collected a unique know-how: 99% of our fertilizers are absorbed by plants.


Effectiveness of fertilizers, produced using our equipment, is confirmed by independent agricultural and industrial auditors as well as proven by certification in Ukraine, Azerbaidzan, Turkey and Iran. 



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